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Mission: "Ascertain the world's circumstance."
Time Limit: Long
Noise Plane: Duet
Wall Instructions: No key walls; create walls at your own discretion. Seal off the school and dorm.
Wall Rewards: Poison Scorpion
Reaped Rewards: Final Pyre, All Expired
Mission Rewards: Scarletite

[This is the vaguest mystery ever. But, scan around and one thing will become apparent. Even if the second day was spent entirely clearing noise from the area, they're all back in full force, and they seem to be possessing more people than usual. These people have feelings of hopelessness, apathy and death. But just scanning them doesn't seem to give the answers why. If the mission can believed, this is not something the Reapers have done, but something to do with the world itself. Surely someone must know the truth....]